Ally's Process Journal

Thoughts for Gathering Project 2

This is harder than I thought.. Here are some things I should decide on...

  1. Purpose

Since my website is about piecing different stories together and sharing them with each other, I think that the purpose of my gathering should also be the same. To bring different pieces of us together and by sharing, to heal.

  1. Platform


  1. Invitation

Send out online invitations asking them to prepare to talk about what they do to heal and feel better, and we go around doing that event altogether. They would have to respond to my invitation letting me know what the event would be.

  1. Guestlist and size

Invite my roommates (5 people including me) Want a small size so that we have enough time to enjoy all of the events. I also wanted everyone to know each other well so that they feel comfortable sharing and being open. Especially since this is supposed to be a relaxing, healing event.

  1. Schedule
  • Introduce the purpose of the event
  • Go around doing that event.
  • Spend around 3 minutes each, so that I don't take up too much time from my roommates, especially since they are writing their thesis and taking away too much of their time would be anxiety-inducing and stressful and go against the purpose of this event.

- 1 toast