Ally's Process Journal

Series Ideas

  1. Teas around the world
  • Feature multiple countries and different teas from that country
  • Describe the taste and the scent of the tea myself
  • Show different ways the teas can be enjoyed (desserts? beverages? recipes?)
  1. My life music collections
  • Each part of the series could either represent a specific phase of my life (ex. adolescent, teenage, college, etc) OR by genres that define my identity
  • Then each part would have multiple songs, with each songs having descriptions of the song itself but the kind of significance it had on my life
  • Featuring real background music
  1. Virtual visits to cafes around the world
  • Each featuring a menu with descriptions of region-specific coffee and desserts
  • Interior and mood to be inspired by real cafes from that country (maybe even real cafes that I have visited)
  • Featuring background music with real cafe noises