Ally's Process Journal

Reflection for Mindy's Article on Gathering

Personally, I found this article pretty hard to understand and agree with. I wasn't sure exactly what Mindy wanted to convey to the readers, but I will mention some parts of the article that I found memorable.

I really enjoyed reading about Mindy's review of the book "Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction" because I previously did not think that what we decide to depict as the origin of human tools can be innately gender-biased, like how the term "gatherer" is more gender-equal, while spear is male-biased. Moreover, I enjoyed this paragraph because I was able to gain a renewed sense of appreciation for the term "gathering" or "gatherer" for its quality of gender-neutrality.

However, I did not understand how today's concept of gathering is applicable to the past's concept of gathering, which is to collect and gather for the purpose of survival. The act of gathering will help us gain various experiences, knowledge, and emotional connections that we cannot attain otherwise. However, what we gain from gathering is not necessary for one to survive. The reason is that in the modern world, at least, technology and the internet has allowed us to survive, and maybe even thrive for certain people, without necessarily gathering. We can do pretty much anything without ever gathering in a group, whether it is shopping or making friends.

For such reasons, I thought that her concept of gathering as collecting "disparate objects from our ecosystem" and placing them in an appropriate container made more sense in the world we live in today. I see gathering as different ideas and people coming together, and a container to be the location in which we gather, whether it be an online platform or an offline location.

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