Ally's Process Journal

History of the Internet & Paul Ford Reflection

I really enjoyed learning about "a" history of the internet because I have always wondered what the internet really is and how it came to be. It feels pretty good to be able to understand the meaning behind the jargon and technologies I use every day, like HTTP and www. More than anything, I developed an admiration for all the people who helped create the internet. I cannot fathom myself coming up with ideas like the decentralized system of information and hyperlinks.

On that note, the idea of decentralization vs. centralization was very interesting. I always knew about big companies like Facebook and Google gaining monopoly over the internet, amassing millions of people's information, and using such information for their profit. Putting them in the context of the history of the internet, however, helped me think about the topic in a new light. Re-centralization of the internet was no longer simply about my information and privacy at risk but about going against the fundamental idea of what the internet is. Yet, even when people are given the freedom to avoid using the internet through third-party platforms, the majority of the people prefer riding onto those platforms or do not even know how to use the internet independently. To be honest, even I myself will continue to use and adore these websites and platforms. Nonetheless, I am glad to have at least learned about these issues at hand because it has fundamentally changed how I view the internet.

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