Ally's Process Journal

Reflection for "The Art of Gathering Online & Offline"

The idea that today's world is a spectrum of offline and online did not hit me until I heard Laurel mention it in this video. Perhaps it is because I associated offline as only a subset of my real life and because I believed that anything "real" had to take place offline. Watching this video made me realize that I need to start reshifting my beliefs so that the "real" encompasses both online and offline events, especially if I want to adjust myself to the new norm of social gathering and to the increasingly technology-dominated tomorrows.

For such reasons, I think that it was really great that Tiffany chose not to prioritize her offline exhibition over her online website because this would be only feeding into the very idea that the real world equates to offline events, not online events. If I were Tiffany, I probably would have prioritized my offline exhibition over the online, but hopefully, having watched this video, I don't make such a mistake for the gathering that I will be hosting in a few weeks.

Overall, this video helped me brainstorm many great ideas for my upcoming virtual gathering, such as hosting a temporary website created just for this purpose, embedding a YouTube video into my currently existing websites, and thinking about what to archive versus what to leave out.

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