Ally's Process Journal

The Art of Gathering Reflection

The "Art of Gathering" was probably one of the most useful and transformative books that I have read in a while. I thoroughly enjoyed every lesson and the anecdotes that Priya used to support her point. Her stories also encouraged me to look back at my own gatherings to realize why most of my gatherings lacked energy and had a sense of disconnect among the members. I also loved how all of her stories were drawn from diverse people and backgrounds, from the story of the photographer Platon to Diner in Blac. I feel as if I had learned so much not only about the art of gathering but also other interesting facts that I was unaware of before.

Priya also helped me get rid of my subconscious tendency towards being a chill host, or even a chill friend, chill student, etc. I am so used to being a chill person because I was fearful of intruding on other's lives or offending some people. Priya helped me realize that such behaviors are selfish and that I was only being chill only to protect myself from criticism. Rather, I hope to embody the idea of generous authority--acting in a way that ultimately benefits the people whom I am with, although I may be criticized by outsiders or even the very people I am protecting.

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